25 signs you’re a 1980s WWF wrestling fan

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Hulk HoganMany of us who liked 80s pro wrestling and watched such WWF shows as Championship Wrestling and Prime Time Wrestling (the precursor to the WWE’s Raw) have grown nostalgic for those golden days. After hours and hours of scientific research, I have concluded that you may be a WWF pro wrestling fan from the 1980s if:

25. The first twins you saw in wrestling were the Hebner referees after Earl screwed Hulk Hogan out of the WWF Championship in 1988.
24. You actually cared that the Honky Tonk Man had the longest Intercontinental Championship reign, and…
23. …you remember seeing Ultimate Warrior end the near-15-month tenure in 30 seconds at the first SummerSlam.
22. You feel Ted DiBiase Sr. far outshines Ted DiBiase Jr.

21. Randy Savage’s double axe-handle from the top rope to the floor was the coolest high-flying move you had ever seen.
20. You loved watching Saturday morning TV wrestling, even if almost every single match was a squash.
19. You thought Jimmy Snuka was the coolest dude in wrestling in 1982.
18. Jerry Lawler wasn’t the real king of wrestling in your eyes; it was clearly Harley Race or Haku.
17. Your holy trinity included Capt. Lou Albano, Classy Freddie Blassie, and the Grand Wizard.
16. You got pissed when someone bled in an angle on the syndicated shows and the WWF blocked the screen with a big red X.
15. You can hum the theme song for Saturday Night’s Main Event.
14. You would have killed the Iron Sheik if Sgt. Slaughter hadn’t already kicked his ass.
13. The late Frankie Williams’ appearance on Piper’s Pit plays in your mind on occasion.
12. You know which prelim wrestler was Unpredictable, which used a loaded black forearm pad, and which hailed from the Isle of Malta.
11. You remember when it was common for the crowd to loudly chant “boring”
during bad matches, usually ones that involved Barry O.
10. The Hart Foundation’s matches with the British Bulldogs remain classic bouts to you.
9. You recall when Rick Rude hit on Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ wife.
8. You winced when the WWF debuted the silly blue steel cage to replace the traditional chain link cage in 1986.
7. You know where the occipital protuberance is thanks to Gorilla Monsoon.
6. You recall a newly bald Superstar Billy Graham ripping apart Bob Backlund’s WWF Championship belt.
5. You know two men were called “King Kong”: Bundy and Mosca.
4. You still think WrestleMania III was the best WWF/WWE show ever.
3. You know who Joe McHugh, Hoss Funk, and Jose Luis Rivera are.
2. You realized years later that “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw didn’t die of natural causes.
1. You remember how almost every pay-per-view main event ended with the big boot and leg drop.

Scott Wallask has followed wrestling for 30 years and writes about growing up watching the WWF in the 1980s on his blog the Boston Garden Balcony.

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16 Comments to “ 25 signs you’re a 1980s WWF wrestling fan ”

  1. I remeber Hacksaw, he won the first royal rumble. Man has that event come a looooong way.

  2. Nice list, but the 90's still owned the 80's no matter what anyone says.



  4. Great list! (Although Steamboat was the greatest IC Champ.) Will definately add your blog to my wrestling favorites.

  5. I love Bret Hart knocking out STone Cold Austin in a streetfight"

  6. Devillock18 says:

    Magnificent Muraco getting the Superfly splash off the steel cage was my first "Holy Shit!" WWF moment. Or how crazy was Terry Funk's debut beating the crap out of the ring attendent when he put on Funk's cowboy hat.

  7. How could any list of jobbers be complete without Dave Barbi from King of Prussia, PA????

    But, yes, those were the golden years. With Jesse the Body on the Microphone, how could it be anything but great?

  8. Yeah, Mike was the king of the jobbers…Do recall him winning a couple though….kinda like Mr. X.

  9. A good point about Muraco and I should have noted him in the list. The match where he brought the sub to the ring and ate it while beating on a jabroni was one the funniest things I've seen in wrestling. That idea would work today, too.

  10. That list struck a lot of chords for me.

    @Headubtt84, there was a reference to Iron Mike Sharpe, namely the "loaded black forearm pad" (#12).

  11. No Magnificent Muraco! He actually held the ropes open for me to challenge him in the mid-80s at a local event. From first row of the balcony section of the arena, I plunked him with a squashed orange juice carton prior to his match. Needless to say I passed on the challenge. I was only 12, and there was still that possibility that Wrestling could be real…at least real enough for me to get crushed.

  12. Wrestlemania 3 IS the best WWF/WWE show ever. I still remeber seeing that event via closed circuit television (anyone else remember that?) at our local YMCA.

  13. Headbutt84 says:

    What??? No reference to Iron Mike Sharpe. Arguably, the greatest loser in the history of Saturday morning WWF!

  14. Man, I preferred the blue cage.

    Also, Honkey sucked, although Warrior wasn't better. For me, the ultimate IC Champs are still Savage, Steamboat, Perfect and Razor (although the other two were more early '90s)

    • I remember seeing pics of the same structure in a match between The Sheik vs. George Steele in PWI and I thought it was the coolest thing. Years later I saw it at WrestleMania 2 and thought differently lol.


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