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Matt HardyMatt Hardy pioneered using MySpace and Twitter throughout his WWE career. The WWE wrestler may have written one tweet too many recently. Hardy made some controversial remarks on his Twitter over the last week. Hardy is now backtracking claiming he was screwing with the wrestling media. In the end, was Matt Hardy just screwing Matt Hardy?

The tweet in question came earlier last week. Hardy has been kept out of the WWE rings for a few weeks. The suspension of sorts came after his brother, Jeff Hardy’s arrest. Looking to divert any negative attention, the WWE reportedly pulled Matt from the shows. A bit ironic since the WWE used the story to further a storyline, but regardless Hardy was pulled. Hardy has been quiet about it up until last week when he wrote on his Twitter page.

“I am exhausted from being punished because of someone else’s sins. Good night one, good night all!”

All of the wrestling news outlets picked up on this and within 24 hours it turned into a huge story. Why wouldn’t it? A WWE wrestler lashes out at management online. What do you expect would happen? Pro wrestling news websites or reporters that did not report on the tweet wouldn’t be doing their jobs. A firestorm immediately erupted and WWE management is reportedly furious with Matt. But don’t worry…it was just a joke according to Hardy. LOL Matt!

Hardy must have tripped over his feet backpedaling from the tweet. Hardy followed up with a blog shortly thereafter on his MySpace account (this guy gets around the Internet more than my 15-year old cousin). Hardy claimed the tweet had nothing to do with his current situation regarding Jeff. Matt “explained” that the tweet was in reference to being stuck leaving a tip for a huge dinner party. Matt went on to claim that it was all a brilliant scheme to fool the pro wrestling media. Nobody is buying it, including the WWE. The only one being played here is Matt playing himself into the WWE doghouse.

This isn’t Matt’s first negative comments towards the Internet and the wrestling media. I have to say that Matt’s newfound disdain for the wrestling media is quite ironic. Matt Hardy has arguably benefitted from the Internet and online wrestling media more than anyone in pro wrestling. When Matt was fired in 2005, he immediately went online and campaigned to get his job back. Matt did countless wrestling media interviews (me included), and caused such a stir that the WWE actually hired him back. If it wasn’t for the wrestling media and the fans campaigning online, it is extremely likely Matt would never have gotten his job back. I find it extremely hypocritical that Matt Hardy of all people would spend a second of his time trying to bite a hand that fed him.

Furthermore, Matt and some other WWE stars blasted websites and reporters for the way they reported on Jeff’s arrest. I didn’t read anything anywhere that I found unfair to Jeff Hardy. All anyone did was comment or publish what was relayed by the police department to the media. I can’t think of anyone that the online or wrestling media has championed more than Jeff Hardy. Case in point, do an online search of news items related to Jeff Hardy’s first world title win. Not only will you find nothing negative, most reporters wrote the story more as Jeff Hardy fans than wrestling journalists. There wasn’t another wrestler I can think of more than Jeff Hardy that the online wrestling community wanted to succeed.

Either Matt Hardy is the biggest idiot in the world, extremely immature, or just following some convoluted storyline. Regardless of whether he is telling the truth or not why would he even bother tempting fate? Matt should know more than anyone how tough is to get a job in the WWE and how easy it is to lose it. Why Matt would want to risk his employment to “fool” a few websites is beyond comprehension. There is going to be a day where Matt Hardy is going to need those same websites again. Unfortunately for Matt, it could come sooner than he thought.

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