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WWE Divas – Top Five Mickie James Moments

Mickie JamesToday I pay tribute to one of the most popular Divas of the WWE. She can do it all from wrestling exciting matches, singing a country tune, and looking hot in a bikini to boot. Mickie James continues to excite WWE fans both in and outside of the ring with girl next door looks, spectacular wrestling, and  stunning bikini pictures. Here is a quick rundown of the Top Five Mickie James Moments.

On a side note, I worked with Mickie quite a bit in her pre-WWE days on the independent pro wrestling circuit as Alexis Laree. Back around 2001, a good friend of mine gave me the business card of Alexis with hopes of getting her booked in CZW. At the time CZW didn’t do any female wrestling but he talked her up so much, that she left a lasting impression.

A few years later I worked with Mickie regularly in the Womens Extreme Wrestling promotion and a few spare indys. I called about a dozen of her matches as an announcer for WEW. The running line on Mickie in production was that no matter how bad a show was, we always knew we would get a great match when Alexis Laree was booked on the cards.

Mickie really broke down barriers when she went to the WWE. The WWE was transitioning at the time away from hiring female pro wrestlers and more towards hiring models and pretty female athletes to learn to wrestle. Mickie was truly one of the last of a dying breed. I can’t think of another WWE Diva did wrestled as long as Mickie did on the indepndents before working her way up to the big show. She was always sweet and fun to be around and everyone that knew her was ecstatic when they heard about her opportunity. Five years later she is still tearing down the house and representing the wrestling side of the WWE Divas. With that said, let’s take a look at the best of Mickie (in no particular order) during her five-year reign as a WWE Diva.

Mickie James1 – Mickie James debuts on WWE RAW. It was October 10, 2005 when the WWE Universe first laid eyes on Mickie. It was during a singles match between Trish Stratus and Victoria. Following the match, Victoria attacked Trish. WWE Diva competition winner Ashley Massaro ran down to help Trish. Victoria made quick work out of her. Then out of nowhere, Mickie James in a short white skirt and boot ran into the ring and attacked Victoria. Mickie cleared the ring of Victoria and nailed her with the belt to boot. Mickie then flashed a crazy look and happily handed the belt back to Trish. Welcome to the WWE Mickie James.

Mickie James2 – Mickie James wins her fifth WWE Womens title and makes history. We don’t have to go back that far for this great Mickie James moment. It was only a few weeks ago at the WWE Royal Rumble where Mickie made history and defeated Michelle McCool for the WWE Womens title. McCool had been bullying James for weeks with the controversial “Piggy James” angle on WWE SmackDown. Mickie James was referred to throughout the match as the “every woman” by Matt Stryker. James beat her rival with a DDT to win the match and her fifth title. Following the match, James added the proverbial insult to injury when her and the other WWE Divas smashed a cake in Michelle McCool and Layla’s face. The win with her WWE Divas title wins puts her just behind Trish Stratus for most combined WWE female world title reigns.

Mickie James3 –Mickie James confesses her love to Trish Stratus. It was in a single backstage segment at the 2006 WWE Royal Rumble where Mickie finally revealed her full intentions to Trish Stratus. After months of the obvious, Mickie told Trish “I love you.” The moment came in a backstage segment before Mickie’s match with Ashley Massaro. Trish was the special guest referee for the match and thus the conflict arose. Trish had already pinned Mickie in a match a few months back, yet Mickie continued stalking Trish. This would be the pivotal moment in the leadup to their WrestleMania encounter and one of the most memorable moments in WWE Diva history.

Mickie James4 – Mickie James wins the WWE Womens title at WrestleMania 22. This was historic on so many levels. For one, it has been years since women had a great match at WrestleMania and these two did it. Two, this was the first time a WWE Diva had ever won WWE gold in her WrestleMania debut. Three, this was one of the best booked storylines of the last decade and maybe the best in WWE Diva history. Unlike today where we are two months away from WrestleMania and the buildup just started a month ago, this was a storyline that had been building for five months. It also noteworthy that even as much of a heel as Mickie was at the time, the WrestleMania crowd cheered Mickie more than Trish. Mickie used a simple roundhouse kick to the head to score the pin and the title at WrestleMania.

Mickie James5 – Mickie Finally Attacks Trish. The angle finally climaxed on Saturday Night’s Main Event which aired in March of 2006. Mickie and Trish teamed together to wrestle Victoria and Candice Michelle. Prior to the match Trish finally told Mickie she wanted some time apart. Right before the match started Jerry Lawler proclaimed Stratus and James a “Pretty weird tag team because Mickie is weird and Trish is pretty.” Trish pinned Victoria to win the match, but the story here was that Trish never tagged Mickie in. Following the match, Mickie grabbed the microphone and told Trish that it was goodbye and tried to plant a big wet kiss on her lips. Trish turned and gave her the cheek. In response, Mickie turned her back and the nailed Trish with a crescent kick. The feud was officially on!

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