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What’s NXT for the ECW Roster

ECWThe final nail in the ECW coffin was delivered this past Tuesday night in Kansas City, Missouri. In the wake of the final episode of ECW on SyFy, many fans are now left scratching their heads & wondering who from the ECW roster is going where. Let’s look at the roster as of the last episode of ECW & see where the talent might be best suited.

ECW Announcers Byron Saxton & Josh Matthews – Superstars. Raw & SmackDown! already have announce teams. Make them the permanent voices of the Superstars program.

Abraham Washington & Tony Atlas – Also keep them on Superstars. With the segments on Raw & SmackDown!, they would really serve no purpose on either program. But if I had to guess, they’ll go to Raw as a weekly segment featuring the guest host of the week. Sweeps! Shoot me now.

Caylen Croft & Trent Beretta – Superstars then eventually SmackDown!. The tag team division in WWE is severely lacking & it’s long past time to put new teams on each program. SmackDown! seems to be featuring more of the younger guys & they would fit in nicely here.

Christian & ECW General Manager Tiffany – This is a TOUGH one. I honestly think Christian & Tiffany would make a fun pairing to watch on either program. For now, also move them to SmackDown!. It could lead to an eventual reunion of Edge & Christian (which would be tremendous for the tag division). In the post WrestleMania Draft, move at least Christian to Raw. With TNA running against WWE on Monday nights, WWE is going to want the best roster possible on its flagship program. Christian brings A LOT to the table & is one of the more underrated talents on the WWE roster.

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu – Time to break up the tag team. Both would be good additions for SmackDown! as well. Younger talent can get the rub by beating Goldust (former Intercontinental Champion) on TV. Tatsu can have some great singles matches with guys like RTruth, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, etc.

Hurricane Helms – Superstars. It just seems like The Hurricane or Gregory Helms characters would be lost on both shows. Keep him on Superstars as a backstage interviewer & wrestler until something can be figured out.

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendez – Raw. There is plenty of talent Ryder could have a great match with on the flagship program (Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, MVP). Raw seems to lack in the department of strong heels & Ryder would be a nice fit. At some point, the pairing of Ryder & a heel Miz or a feud between heel Ryder & face Miz is a must.

ECW Ring Announcer Savannah – Make her the permanent ring announcer of Superstars.

Shelton Benjamin – Raw. Pair him back up with Charlie Haas & reform the World’s Greatest Tag Team to strengthen the weak tag division.

Vance Archer – Superstars. Seriously; what do you do with Lance Hoyt?

Vladimir Kozlov – Raw. Slowly build him up to be a monster again by taking out guys like Bourne, Kingston, & others leading up to matches with guys like Mark Henry and tougher opponents. No reason he can’t be at least a solid mid-carder.

William Regal – SmackDown! & give him a World Championship push. Does he have a checkered history? Yes. But WWE put the ball in Jeff Hardy’s hand. It cannot hurt to give Regal a run with SmackDown’s top championship. It would be fresh & whoever eventually beats him for it would get a heck of a rub in the eyes of the fans.

ECW Champion Ezekiel Jackson – Why there was a title change on the last episode of ECW when the championship is being retired is beyond me. Smartest thing to do for the time being would be to keep him paired with Regal on whatever program Regal winds up going to.

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