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The Last Stand For TNA Wrestling On Monday Nights

Hulk HoganTNA Wrestling will go down fighting beginning this Monday in their attempt to save their move Impact move to Monday nights. In addition to moving TNA Impact permanently to 8 PM, Spike will also air a new TNA television show, TNA React beginning at 7 PM. Is this TNA’s last stand in the Monday night war?

TNA Wrestling will actually begin their Monday night activities at 6:30 PM/EST on their website, TNAwrestling.com. A live 30-minute preshow will air exclusively online hosted by Jeremy Borash. Quite frankly I am surprised it took this long for TNA to implement something like this. WCW had their own online pre and postshow, WCW Live for a few years on their website. Borash also hosted the show which was actually quite good at times. How ironic that of all of WCW’s ideas, it took them this long to rehash one of the better ones.

TNA Wrestling will then move to television with TNA React. The trailer for TNA React describes the show as heavy on promos. The show looks to be portrayed as something of a reality TV show. Once again, I am surprised it took them this long to produce something like this. I am mixed on the trailer. The idea according to the commercial is to present more of an unscripted look at the TNA superstars. Yet, everyone in the trailer cut their promos in character. I think this idea has a lot of potential, but I don’t have high hopes for it in its current form.

I have always had an idea for a more reality based pro wrestling television show or DVD. So to me, this is a great idea. However, my idea was slightly different. I always felt that a television show or DVD based around one match with the match with the focus being on the life and training leading up to the match for the wrestlers. I think there is huge potential for something like this. At the same time when I watch promos in character by Abyss and Jeff Jarrett in the trailer, I don’t think TNA React has a lot of longevity.

The WWE could get away with something like this because their guys are household names. While Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy have huge followings, I don’t think there is big interest in seeing a television show about TNA superstars outside of the ring. Heck, there is barely interest these days to see a television program on TNA superstars inside of the ring!

The irony here is that Hulk Hogan will be debuting a live radio show Monday night at 7 PM/EST. So in essence, you have Hulk Hogan competing against TNA Wrestling with his own radio show. I am guessing that the deal was made for Hogan’s radio show long before TNA’s new Monday show. Yet I wonder how committed is Hulk Hogan to TNA Wrestling when he is going on the air live at the same time as their new TV show? I have no idea how the radio show will work with live TNA Impact tapings, unless of course Hogan either doesn’t plan to be a part of many more or doesn’t expect them to continue.

This 3 ½ hour TNA Wrestling bash will conclude with TNA Impact in its new timeslot at 8 PM/EST on Spike TV. TNA saw a slight increase in their ratings with last Monday’s TNA Impact so the move was made by Spike TV to permanently move up to take advantage of the unopposed WWE RAW hour. Unlike the first time TNA Impact moved to Monday, there hasn’t been a barrage of promotion to inform the pro wrestling public of the move. As a matter of a fact, the move was officially announced at the end of last week. So with only a few days of Internet promotion, I don’t expect big things to come from TNA Wrestling’s new Monday night overload of programming.

There is a part of me that just feels sorry for Dixie Carter and some in TNA Wrestling. In a move right out of the wrestling carny book, Dixie Carter has been convinced by people in TNA that in order to stop the bleeding, you need to spend more money. The production costs of both a new TV show and even the online show aren’t going to be cheap. These are moves that probably should have been done in advance of TNA’s original move to Monday nights in March. Debuting two additional programs to an audience that has been steadily tuning out over the last few months makes so little sense to me that it is almost comical.

If you are a wrestling fan, between TNA’s three and a half hour wrestling block, WWE RAW, and ROH on HD TV you couldn’t be happier about the new Monday night wrestling programming. Unfortunately there is not much to be excited about when the bulk of the programming is coming from TNA Wrestling.

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